Nature has created many a marvel that has inspired the world to learn and create masterpieces. One such marvel is the Baya Weaver, as it is fondly known. It is what can be known as the artist of the avian kingdom.

The Baya Weaver bird emerges a true genius in designing and building a safe and secure nest using natural elements that are cleverly placed to create a home for the offspring. It uses strands of long, green grass to shape and bend the nest into a unique bottle gourd shape. By weaving the blades of grass with the rest, an interlocked mesh is created. Sealed precisely with twigs, leaves and mud, the nest is formed. The home is also waterproof and meticulously built to protect baby birds from being harmed by the weather. The bird takes over 500 flights to gather the right material for its nest.

Much like responsible humans, the bird too picks out the right location and land to build its humble, yet brilliant abode. It picks out dry land in the month of summer to successfully build its nest to shelter it away from storms, or even wet marshlands. They are strategically placed in locations that are far from harm’s way, be it the weather or predators.

The nest is made by the male bird in order to attract the right female mate. The female Baya Weaver inspects the product and finding it maternally comfortable and to her interest, she moves in. If due to to any mistake the female bird doesn’t like the nest, it moves on to another, and carries on the same cycle of inspection.

Tremendous commitment goes into building something that sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The waterproof and harsh weather-proof nest looks like a professional artwork and can be discerned as one of the most intelligent designs of the bird world. The Baya Weaver’s expertise at homes inspires many to create homes that are comfortable, yet brimming with the goodness of nature.

Stone Lodges by Earthitects is one such effort. These luxury lodges are homes built with wood and stone, in Wayanad, the crown jewel of Kerala, God’s own country itself. These homes are built with minimum chemical or unnatural elements, hence deriving its inspiration from the Baya Weaver. The natural luxury homes are an ode to the architects of nature, such as the Baya Weaver. Stone Lodges seeks the true meaning of being connected and being one with nature, and builds home that marry the idea of luxury living with the calm quietude one searches for.