At the end of a long day, how many times have you thought of just leaving it all behind and moving to the hills? To a space that’s just yours. Away from all that chaos. Where you’ll finally get the chance to wake up to the sound of real birds – only when you’re truly rested. And to explore a side of you no one even knew existed.

Here it is – your chance at living life the way you always wanted. In homes that intertwine harmoniously with the mountains, and blend seamlessly into the natural landscape. A second chance. For a second life.


Stone Lodges is a cluster of fifteen luxury private residences spread across a 13-acre forested hillside, built on a sloping land on the side of a mountain. The architecture of Stone Lodges draws its inspiration from the grammar of Mountain Lodges and stays true to the landscape, offering you a true escape into nature.

Each lodge, built on individual plots of nearly an acre with a built-up area of 6200sqft, intertwines harmoniously with the mountain in three distinct levels and blends seamlessly into the natural landscape – a beautiful marriage of mountain and manor. Honoring the spirit of the land, over 70% of the materials used are natural and each luxury villa at the Stone Lodges is diligently crafted interiors that convey a luxurious yet environmentally responsible aesthetic, welcoming you to a second life wrapped in the fine nuances of nature.


Earthitects, a subsidiary of Orange County Resorts & Hotels Ltd., is an Architecture and Design studio dedicated to honour the spirit of the land. Enshrined within us are the tenets of our promoters – the House of Ramapuram, that cherish ‘Excellence Rooted in Values’. This has been the light that has guided us as we built some of the world’s most acclaimed resorts, which gave a new meaning to rustic chic. In keeping with this philosophy, each dwelling at Stone Lodges is built to blend seamlessly into its natural habitat.


Architectural Tenets

View that inspires

6200 sq. ft. of land wrapped around the grand natural contours and slopes of the location plays host to natural rock formations and densely wooded areas, caressed by the crisp, clean mountain air, offering a whiff of nature in every breath.

Unique Architecture

The architecture sits on three levels perched on stilts standing about 2-5 meters tall from the ground level and provides a striking view of the landscape. The two layered stone wall adds insulation, resilience and aesthetics, wrapping up the villa in comfort and splendor.

True to the spirit of the land

These luxury Mountain Villas have been planned to integrate with the landscape such that no harm is done to the flora during the construction of the bridges connecting the levels. Each Lodge includes cobblestone pathways, and showcases a joyous interplay of stone and wood that age with grace.


Crafted with care, conserved with devotion. Your private residences will be serviced by a highly trained and motivated team of professionals who will undertake Grounds keeping, Pool Maintenance and Housekeeping, in accord to the Orange County standards, leaving your villa pristine always.

Interiors crafted to impress

Perched on the hills of Wayanad, the luxury mountain lodges are ideated to have a minimal footprint without compromise to the aesthetics. Each estate spread over 23,000 sq. ft. to 35,000 sq. ft. is built to hold a mirror to the landscape from every room.


Wayanad, sun-kissed by the clouds and beloved of the Gods, is an emotion waiting to be experienced. The luxury mountain villas of Stone Lodges, located in the mountains of Wayanad offer you peace and tranquility while keeping you close to the amenities you’d require, and experiential places you will enjoy.

  • For the Wildlife Enthusiast

    Explore wildlife at national parks that are contiguous to Nagarhole & Bandipur National Parks

    Muthanga Range of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.
    Tholpetty Range of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

    35 kms
    43 kms
  • For the History Lovers

    A globally-acclaimed museum housing artefacts from the Neolithic age to the 17th century.

    Edakkal Caves : 25 kms from Stone Lodge. Rock Paintings from 6,000 BCE.
    Heritage Museum Ambalavayal.

    25 kms
    19 kms
  • For the Nature/ Trek Lovers

    The Phantom Rock : A famous rock shaped like a “Phantom Head”.
    Chembara Peak : Wayanad’s highest peak – a great spot to enjoy a trek.
    Neelimala : A scenic trekking spot.

    10 kms
    25 kms
    30 kms
  • Airport Access

    Mysore Airport
    Calicut Airport (International)
    Kannur Airport (International)
    Bangalore Airport

    2.5 hrs
    2.5 hrs
    2.5 hrs
    5.5 hrs
  • More Facilities

    Utility Stores

    0.3 kms
    0.3 kms
    0.3 kms

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